DirectGov survey on the future of the internet

Interesting findings from a national survey commissioned by DirectGov that came out recently.  They questioned parents, teenagers, over 50s, motorists and disabled people in order to ascertain what services they would like to see provided online. Overall, the top five answers were:

  • ‘No show’ truancy alert if child doesn’t arrive at school (wanted by parents)
  • Taking a virtual tour of colleges or universities (14-18 year olds)
  • Guide to local services for older people (over 50s)
  • Renew car tax online (motorists)
  • Personalised journey planners mapped by accessibility (disabled people).

The top five preferences for parents were:

1. Immediate online alert if child hasn’t turned up at registration
2. View my child’s school disciplinary record online
3. Have a say in the running of my child’s school e.g. online PTA meetings
4. Track my child’s journey to or from school
5. Have a webcam in my child’s classroom.

The top five for teenagers are:
1. Take a virtual tour of colleges or universities
2. Have virtual driving lessons
3. Earn money through using your skills online
4. Have job interviews
5. Have school lessons / tutorials.

For more on the survey, see

Does this have implications for what we should be doing in schools for our young people and parents?